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Splendid Romanian National Day reception in Islamabad


DSC_9044To celebrate the National Day of Romania, the newly arrived and very soft spoken ambassador of Romania H.E Nicolae Goia and madam hosted a festive reception in the Marquee Hall at the Marriott Hotel Islamabad.


The day, this year was celebrated in a different manner than the usual, with an enjoyable evening of lively music and song taking place after the official proceedings of welcoming the guest of honor and cutting the cake were done with.
Riaz Hussain Peerzada, Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination was the chief guest at the occasion. A large number of people — both from the diplomatic community and Pakistan attended the reception.


The venue of the reception was beautifully decorated with flowers and drapes in the colors of the Romanian flag, while a video screening kept guests informed about the sights and sounds of the country. Before the official ceremony ambassador H.E Nicolae Goia called all European envoys on to the stage, as well as the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador of Kazakhstan Bakhitbek Shabarbayev. The national anthems of both Romania and Pakistan were played.


Dinner was served with Romanian specialties; some Pakistani dishes and snacks like sandwiches etc, so there something for everyone’s taste. Later, Pakistani vocalists mesmerized the whole audience while playing their traditional musical instruments.


Romania is a central European country known for the forested region of Transylvania, preserved medieval towns such as Sighisoara and many fortified churches and castles, notably cliff top Bran Castle (think Dracula!) The area is ringed by the Carpathian Mountains, which are popular for trekking, climbing, skiing and bathing in natural thermal spas. The culture of Romania is a unique culture, which is the product of its geography and its distinct historical evolution. A country is only as good as its people and you’ll find Romanians in every region to be open, friendly, proud of their history and eager to share it with visitors.


Separately in Romania, the National Day was also celebrated and at the occasion, Bucharest, Cluj, Sibiu, Timisoara, Brasov, Iasi and other cities hosted military parades, concerts, exhibitions and other open-air events.


Over 3,000 troops took part in the biggest military parade, organized every year in Bucharest. The parade also featured military equipment, including 50 planes.

In his message, Romanian President Klaus Iohann is greeted all. “December 1st is our day of all those who think and feel Romanian. On this special day, let’s celebrate the past and to look with optimism towards the future. The anniversary of the Great Union is about freedom, about how an ideal can be fulfilled if the whole energy of a nation is channeled towards a common goal,” the Romanian President said.

Also, Prime Minister of Romania Dacian Ciolos spoke about the importance of the Great Union and congratulated Romanians on the National Day. “He said December 1, 1918, was a miracle of history. And indeed, the enshrining of the Great Union of modern Romania, we can say was a miracle of history, but behind the miracle there were people first, people who knew how to dream, who knew how to implement consistently this ideal, in earnest. I think of politicians, men of culture, people who simply believed in this ideal and stood by it from one generation to another. And this was possible then, in 1918, because we had quality in education, values in culture, it was possible thanks to the courage of the Romanian army, it was possible because inspired politicians,” the PM said.

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