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Sino-Pak Friendship Rally 2017


A Project of Global Affairs


Global Affairs plans to organize a Friendship Rally by utilizing its platform to further cement Pak China relationship. The Rally will start from Islamabad and will end at Khunjerab .It is aimed at promoting Sino-Pak bilateral relations. The Rally will open a new chapter of bilateral ties between Islambad and Beijing.  The purpose of organizing the rally is to highlight the region’s cultural diversity and to foster the spirit of the Silk Road. The route from foothills of Margalla till Khunjerab presents attractive tourist destinations.The Rally will provide its participants to observe the natural beauty of this region.


China and Pakistan have been historically connected through the great Silk Road hundreds of years ago. The ancient Silk Road in its present form is now a hub of connectivity, industrial cooperation, trade and finance. The Rally also aims to portray the essence that CPEC is not just a network of roads, but it consists of infrastructure development, power sector expansion and numerous other projects ultimately to make it Asia’s largest trade hub. Rally participants will highlight that CPEC will create mega employment opportunities and will play an important role in advancing the economy of Pakistan. Rally will provide an opportunity for promoting bilateral exchanges among ethnic groups, diverse cultures and advancing civilizations of both countries. The Rally would prove that Pakistan is a safe destination for sports, Cultural and recreational activities and a peace-loving country. The rally during its journey will be using some parts of the CPEC route, as a part of  One Belt One Road initiative.

Sino-Pak Friendship Rally 2017 Route MapThe Rally will start from Islamabad and end at Khunjerab.

While staying in different places throughout the route, the rally participants will observe the natural scenic beauty. The Summer-end time of The Rally have been carefully chosen for The Rally. It is best time to rally the enigmatic energies of rally participants from all walks of life. As there would be different cultural events on every stay during the rally. Exclusive media coverage, showing safety of the route, historic and touristic significance and beauty of the area, would be ensured through media partner(s). Governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan will be providing foolproof security for participants during its journey, stays and events.


Approximate Duration: 12 Days

Vehicles: Toyota VIGO (Black Color)

No. of Vehicles: 24

No. of People: 72


Participants will include people from diplomatic circles, business community, academia, media and civil society, sportsmen, tourists, and public sector/services.


For information write us at info@globalaffairs.com.pk

For Sponsorship please contact:

Rizwan ShahSyed Rizwan Haider Shah

Chief Organizer Sino-Pak Friendship Rally


+92 307 5121614



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