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Pak-Romania defence cooperation touching new heights

DSC_8249To celebrate Romanian Armed Forces Day, H.E Colonel Catalin Cirlanaru Ph.d, Defence, Military, Naval and Attaché of Romania hosted a reception in Mariott Hotel Islamabad.

Attendants of the said reception were from almost all walks of life i.e diplomats, civil society members, journalists, academia and businessmen. A large number of defense attaches of different countries and officials from Pakistan army and navy were also participated.

H.E Colonel Catalin Cirlanaru Ph.d, Defence, Military, Naval and Attaché of Romania formally greeted and welcomed the guests with an acute smile on his face and speaking few words in Urdu for Pakistani attendants.

The chief guest of the ceremony was Lieutenant General M. Zahid Latif Mirza, Commander Army Air Defense Command.

The ceremonial cake to mark the day was also cut in the presence of H.E Colonel Catalin Cirlanaru and other dignities. Earlier the National Anthems of both Pakistan and Romania had been played. There were documentaries depicting traditional Romanian culture and Defence capacity.

On the occasion, H.E Colonel Catalin Cirlanaru has said that Pakistan and Romania are closed friends and both the countries promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

He said that both the countries working for peace and prosperity in regional and international level. He appreciate Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism. He said Pakistan and Romania have great potential of cooperation in the fields of defence and trade.

October 25, 1944, the Romanian Army Day, signifies the date of complete liberation of north-western Transylvania from foreign ruling and on the same day, the Romanian Army liberated the city of Carei from Nazi occupation.

The liberation of the entire national territory of Romania was achieved by the heroic fights of over 525,000 fully employed troops between August 23 and October 25, 1944. Nearly 58,000 of them were killed or injured. Losses incurred on the enemy stood at 89,934 troops, 76,275 of whom were taken prisoners.

The Romanian Armed Forces were created in 1860, right after the principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia united to form a single state, that would be later named Romania. During WWII, Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu supported Nazi Germany, but in August 1944 King Michael I of Romania led the coup that deposed Antonescu and put Romania on the Allies side.DSC_8159

After the coup, the Romanian Army started to fight against the Wehrmacht alongside the Soviet Army. In October 1944, Romanian troops reached the Romania-Hungary border. The last Romanian city to be liberated from Nazis was Carei. The liberation of Carei coincided with King Michael’s birthday, October 25. This day was later officially designated as Armed Forces Day.

Romanian Armed Forces Day, also known as Romanian Army Day is widely celebrated throughout the country. It is marked with official speeches, solemn ceremonies, military parades and other events and activities.

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