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Horoscope December 2016

The Zodiac sign Aries, which opens the classical zodiac cycle, in December of 2016 will be in a situation where excessive dynamics can be detrimental to the working direction in particular and everything in general. At this stage, Mars, which usually acts as the planet-ruler of the sign Aries, will not only refuse to perform its function, but will also turn out to be your worst enemy, whose powers will be aimed at all types of detrimental actions. That’s why December should be a time when thought and comprehensive analysis of the situation will be a priority. Don’t be afraid to lose time, don’t be afraid to do something too late, don’t be afraid to be late. Now, it is better to leave an action unfulfilled than to make it too hastily, or without a clear understanding of its implications. The Black Moon, one of the main antagonists of the Earth’s inhabitants, at this stage will try to “muffle” the already weakened emanation of the Sun, your planet-exultation. At the same time, Venus, in its normal position responsible for the “expulsion” of Aries, will now be at your side. Because of the sphere of emotions, it will be able to play a primary role in many situations.
The representatives of the zodiac sign Taurus in December of 2016 might find themselves in a winning situation on all fronts. The truth is that no one will guarantee you this outcome, however, you will certainly have everything you need to make it happen, that’s a fact. Firstly, the unique position of your key stellar patrons should be noted. Venus, your ruler planet, and the Moon, the planet-exaltation of your sign, will be repeatedly strengthened by their planetary positions and combinations with other celestial bodies of the Solar System. But you will have to act based on the situation because there’ll be too many individual aspects to consider. You should also be ready to work in a team, as you won’t be able to pull everything off single-handedly; there’ll be such a powerful positive energy flow that you will literally feel like sharing your happiness with your loved ones. Despite its “positivity”, December in general will be characterized by a decrease in energy dynamics; this will be true for all zodiac signs. In any case, there is a real need to adapt, but in moderation; you don’t need to bend over under the circumstances, you can become their harmonious part, just like a chameleon.

The zodiac sign Gemini will need to relax and have fun in December of 2016. Proceed exactly in this order. A logical question might arise in your mind – what’s the catch? In fact, everything is simple: the final month of 2016 will indeed be extremely positive for the representatives of this zodiac sign. But what is more important is that the current position will be the natural and logical result of the actions you’ve taken during the previous stages of life. This means that December will largely depend on, let’s say, “karmic” developments, so if something goes wrong, you should blame only yourself. As far as the astronomical support is concerned, now Saturn, your traditional exaltation, will acquire a good ally, Venus, which is in its normal position responsible for the “fall” of Geminis. The result of this tandem may well be manifested through total positivity and a very favorable set of circumstances. But you shouldn’t count on such an outcome too much because, firstly, your ruler, Mercury, at this stage will not be able to support you, and secondly, Jupiter, responsible for the “expulsion” of Gemini, on the other hand, will receive a quality enhancement due to its planetary position.
For Cancers, December of 2016 may become a sort of test, but do not react to it too sharply. This refers to the “light”, so to speak. The fact is that now the Moon, your current ruler, will be extremely strong, but the outside forces that have a negative influence on the representative the sign Cancer, unfortunately, will not remain on the sidelines. Mars, responsible for the “fall” of your sign, will receive a powerful gain at the expense of its planetary status, and teamed with Saturn, will be responsible for the “expulsion” of Cancers. In the end, the reinforced the position of the Black Moon, these celestial objects of the Solar system can bring to your life a lot of ambiguities; ambiguous and potentially dangerous situations. However, firstly, due to the position of the moon, the overall level of negativity will be not so high. And secondly, as already mentioned, there will be a test that you will pass; at least your odds of such an outcome are extremely high. The main thing is to believe in you and to perceive the world as easy.
For representatives of the zodiac sign Leo, a fixed sign of the fire trine, December of 2016 will be a fairly curious, largely original, and frankly difficult, situation. The fact is that the key astronomical impact will pass you by in the literal meaning of this phrase. That is, neither the moon, its mysterious twin sisters, the Black Moon, Mars nor Venus will have an impact on your life. To some extent, the position of the sun will be meaningful, but exposure to light will now be quite weak, incapable, even in the smallest degree, of helping you regardless of the nature of the situation. The same applies to Pluto, your actual planet exaltation. On the one hand, we are talking about a relatively high level of personal freedom, but at the same time you need to understand that you will not be protected by strong support simultaneously, which in most cases is vital to all of us. But anyway, in December of 2016 in can make a difference in the lives of Leos. Or it can end up being gray and monotonous with a sparkle at the end; the starts imply in a very subtle manner that the originality of the astronomical position in relation to your zodiac sign during the current stage is not an accident.
For zodiac sign Virgo, December of 2016 can be an extremely successful time, but in this case not all will depend on you personally. You must take into account the fact that Mercury, which serves as both the heavenly leader and exaltation of your sign, during the current stage will be repeatedly strengthened by combinations with other celestial objects of the Solar system. In addition, Venus, in its usual position responsible for the “fall” of your sign, will suddenly change the modality of its emanations, which are if not unequivocally positive, then at least neutral. At the same time, in December you will have to try really hard, especially in your sensory-emotional sphere, although many rather ambiguous situations will touch upon your working direction, which is natural given the fact that your main patron will be Mercury, which is rightly called the main heavenly “huckster” or if you want to be more respectful, the lord of the earth and celestial trade routes. In very general terms, at this stage, you will repeatedly have to overcome yourself; overcome the unreal desire to give up. But even a series of setbacks is not a reason to get frustrated enough to give up your goals. On the other hand, when you stumble on the same obstacle for the tenth time in a row, it should definitely bring you to certain conclusions.

In December 2016, the zodiac sign Libra will face a rather difficult situation. This is due to the increased activity of Mars, which is traditionally responsible for the “expulsion” of this sign, probably strong enough to reduce the operating life dynamics and total intensity. Not to say that it’s a negative point, because, in general, at the end of the year you will be required to work tooth and nail to achieve the most extraordinary results. The complexity of the moment lies elsewhere: Venus, the ruling planet of your sign, will be repeatedly reinforced by its planetary positions and for you this situation will be expressed in some emotional instability. In the sense that, for example, the level of your ambition will increase significantly, which in combination with the position of Mars can be a precursor to serious problems. You’ll have to limit yourself, but in this case it is a real need, and will result in the successful completion of all current projects. The main thing is to give priority to reason rather than feelings; now it is the only true option.

Scorpios, the representatives of the fixed cross of the water trine, in December of 2016 can count on the successful completion of any activities, and in this case, much of the success will depend directly on you and not on the circumstances or other factors. Unfortunately, Mars, which in its normal position performs the functions of the planet-ruler of your sign, will give up its role and status and will turn into a strong, highly opinionated and fierce opponent. At the same time, Venus, responsible for the “expulsion” of Scorpios, will change the modality of its energy flows, and it will have a positive effect, by the way. At the same time the Moon, which is responsible for the “fall” of Scorpios, will also switch to your side, which add color to the positive situation in terms of the overall energy background. As a result, at this stage, you’ll get a lot of opportunities; in fact, you will have enough resources to implement any task, no matter of its scale and direction. In other words, this is one of those rare moments when desires fully coincide with the possibilities. It would be foolish not to take advantage of such a unique and exclusive chance but, of course, you should take into account some of the nuances.

For those born under the sign Sagittarius, the representative of the mutable cross of the fire trine, the final month of 2016 may be a very volatile time, but not necessarily negative. Venus, the planet exultation of Sagittarius, will be in a sufficiently favorable and strong position, allowing for the forces of life to excel for the representatives of this zodiac sign. At the same time, Mercury, in its usual position responsible for the “exile” of Sagittarius, will not fail to hinder you in the implementation of your plans, and this point will affect not only the working directions. In general, it is fair to say that in December Sagittarius will find themselves in some rather difficult dilemmas, which is likely to be considered “fundamental”, and not only for themselves. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the emotional sphere of your life will be under, let’s say, a high influence from all the celestial objects of a classical order without an exception (in regards to the sign of Sagittarius, of course). It means that you have clearly, correctly and comprehensively analyze your own experiences, and under no circumstances make hasty decisions.

Those born under the zodiac sign Capricorn in December of 2016 will face a number of the most unusual and controversial situations that could be called negative, if not the characteristics of the current interim phase. On one hand Mars, the planet exultation of your sign, will betray you, turning from a wide mentor and reliable into a merciless opponent who knows your weaknesses. However, in reality, due to the position of Saturn, your ruler, and the Moon, which is normally responsible for the “expulsion” of Capricorns, but at the current stage fundamentally changes its position, everything won’t be so bad. First of all, it should be noted that any situation “with a minus sign” will actually not be a negative development. This will rather be a fun oddity, not the real negativity which might bring about the most large-scale consequences. In fact, December should be a very positive time for you, at the very least because now any defeat will be greeted by a smile, and not just from you. All because of the above specified astral conditions and the position of the Black Moon, with which the sign of Capricorn has not always had a standard range of “feelings”.

For those born under the zodiac sign Aquarius, the final month of 2016 will be relatively stable, and, so to speak, a moderately dynamic stage of life. In December, you can summarize all the previous eleven months, or more precisely, the decisions, actions, and accomplishments from this time. All will take place in a rather favorable atmosphere, because Mercury, your planet exaltation, will provide you with the necessary amount of life energy, while Saturn, your ruler, will get an energy “bonus” from Uranus, its astronomical twin which will protect your life from the lion’s share of external negativity. At the same time, we cannot say that you have absolutely nothing to fear. Mars, traditionally in charge of the “fall” of Aquarius, will keep all his irrepressible enthusiasm and fervor with you, and will even be strengthened by the Black Moon, which in reality, is still not enough to give him a decisive advantage in the struggle with your happiness. Focus on your own logical conclusions; it will be enough in most cases, but sometimes it is necessary, as they say, “to sweat”, especially with regard to the sensory-emotional sphere where the celestial warrior (Mars) will focus its influence.

Pisces, the astronomical sign which traditionally closes the heavenly cycle of the zodiac classic order, in December of 2016 will feel much better than during previous stages of life. Due to the fact that Venus, your planet exultation, will receive certain “bonuses” from its own situations and combinations with other celestial bodies of the solar system, you’re provided with the total flow of vital energy. It is indeed a powerful energy “bonus” which is not only useful to you, but it really will broaden your horizons, so to speak, radically, ambitiously, and irrevocably. But this moment will have a downside: once you decide to tackle this particular case, you will not be able to give it up due to a number of external factors and will have to see it through to the very end. On the other hand, any of your actions will now have exclusive “inertia”, and on this point you also need to make a convincing offer, especially in the planning of the events connected with the working direction. Jupiter, your ruler, will completely block the negative emanations of Mercury, responsible for the “expulsion” of Pisces, at the same time completely exhausting its own resources. Roughly speaking, you will be “neither cold nor hot”, so you should focus only on the position of Venus; thanks to it, a lot will work in your favor now.

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