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Global Affairs brought positive intervention to take up Global Issues at the European Parliament

Aslam Mumtaz

IMG-20170118-WA0007Global Affairs has recently brought another positive intervention to take up Global Issues as its main agenda into the European Parliament-Brussels in which a lot of dignities from the United Kingdom and Brussels took active part.

Besides Mrs. Farah Azeem Shah and Ch Shahzad Akhtar Chief Editor Global Affairs, there were key participants such as H.E Ms. Naghmana A. Hashmi, Pakistan ambassador to the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg, Mr. John Grogan, a British Labour Party politician, Mr. Khadim Hussain, an elected Mayor from Bradford, Mr. Abid Hussain, an elected Lord Mayor of Bradford, Mr. Azhar Iqbal, a young and intelligent representative of Peoples Party who got elected a Counselor and coordinator of Overseas Coordination Committee and Mr. Afzal Khan, member European Parliament.

Ms Sumaira Farukh, CEO Noor TV UK chaired the program.

IMG-20170118-WA0006Ms Farah Azeem Shah at the occasion said, “Positive people like us should come forward to unite the world for peaceful interventions. We are concerned about humanity beyond the discrimination of cast, color and creed. I want to unite the whole world through this platform. We should come forward and condemn all the innocent killings in the world whether it is in France, Berlin, Paris, Syria, Myanmar, Kashmir etc. We are concerned about humanity. Today, I would like to give you a strong message by reminding that we are all like a family and we must work together to make this world peaceful land through love, peace, harmony and positive alliance. Global Affairs has set out a new trend by providing an opportunity to International community to sit together and solve their issues through peaceful dialogue. Global peace is must for all and we must utilize all possible means to achieve it because I always say and believe ‘my country is an earth and I am the citizen of this world which is consist of only one race that is human race’.

Mr John Grogan while addressing to the participants at the occasion appreciated the role and efforts of Global Affairs in bringing peace and love across the globe. He paid his gratitude to the whole team for inviting him at this occasion.

IMG-20170118-WA0005While memorizing his past association with Global Affairs and his first visit to Islamabad, he said, “after my first visit to Islamabad at the first launching ceremony of Global Affairs, I have been in a constant contact with the Global Affairs team and management. Since that, I have been contributing my articles in Global Affairs and would be so again. I find Global Affairs a blend of diverse contents with positive impressions. I am proud to be part of this global publication. Today, I think, this dialogue can play its important and vital role to promote peace in every nook and corner of the world. The leadership of the magazine is increasing the number of people which is a good sign of its prominence and acceptance in various sectors of the society. The world is in trouble today, he said. It is a beacon of light that we can inspire people with positive actions.

Mr. Khadim Hussain also spoke on the occasion. He second Mr. John Grogan and said, “I was also part of the first launch of Global Affairs held in Islamabad.” On global issues and the present world situation, he said, “the world has quite dangerous environment at the moment and it is need of the hour to have some solid steps to bring peace at the core of humanity. Being a Kashmiri, Kashmir issue is close to my heart and I would like to request the world community that this issue should be brought into limelight, so that we can stop such a worst violence and atrocities in Kashmir. He extended his felicitations and gratitude to the whole team of Global Affairs.

At the end, the dialogue was summed up with a hope that may love, peace and harmony be there and everybody in this world may get its positive impact.

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