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Global Affairs appoints Haider Gildred as representative for the USA

IMG_4516Haider Gildred (aka Terrence Lee Gildred Sr.) reverted to Islam in 2013. He is a former principal engineer and senior engineering manager with over 30 years engineering experience having worked for Digital Equipment Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Sonus Networks, 3Com Corporation, and HP Enterprise. He was the founder of several start-up companies, i.e. Maine Desktop Publishing Inc., the subsidiary Birch Tree Publishing and Agali Technologies Corporation a Medical Device start-up. Mr. Gildred served in the U.S, Marine Corp (veteran) and Maine Army National Guard. He is a poet with over 1000 poems simply under the pen name of Haider. Currently, he resides in the northeastern United States in the State of Massachusetts.


IMG_4515The mission of Global Affairs magazine toward the positive promotion of peace, love, and humanity across the globe is what first attracted Mr. Gildred. He became acquainted with Imtiaz Ahmed Mughal who introduced him to the objectives and goals of Global Affairs magazine soon after its launch in Pakistan. The ideals set forth lined up with the values that he, Haider, also shared and expressed in his poetry. Out of this relationship, Haider has contributed poetry and articles and ghostwriting for Global Affairs. This effort has lead to his appointment as Representative of Global Affairs for the USA and administering the upcoming launch there.


Mr. Haider Gildred: “I am both honored and humbled by the designation given me by Global Affairs to represent the journal and its launch in the United States. Global Affair serves as a voice for the voiceless, and a purveyor of peaceful dialogue and understanding between developed and developing nations.


We live in a world tormented by war and turmoil between nations and peoples that have and have not. Equality and tolerance begin with a voice that grows to a shout. The growth of Global Affairs from its beginnings in Pakistan to its spread across the globe is the vehicle for the voices of a multitude of diverse cultures. Each one coming together as a unified voice that shouts and cries out for fairness and equity. Too often the global mass media paves over realities and injustice for the sake of a headline story and overlooks the roots of the issues focusing on one side or the other and not on solutions. Global Affairs presents not only the story but also the underlying facts and offers opinions and solutions to open an avenue to dialogue. For these reasons, I am excited and honored to join the Global Affairs family.”


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