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Bosnian Cultural Evening

An educational promotional program

under Serena Hotels Cultural Diplomacy


Serena Hotels under its Cultural Diplomacy Initiative arranged a Bosnian Cultural Evening featuring musical performances by the Bosnian sibling duo Jasmina Sehanovic and Dzenana Sehanovic, to raise funds for the construction of the Pak-Bosnian School in Pind Dadan Khan – Jhelum.

Before the performance, H.E Dr. Nedim Makarevic – ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina gave a presentation on the construction and progress of the school, showing the plans of the school, so that the children of the area have access to the best possible education particularly in this rural area of Pakistan.

Mr. Aziz Boolani, CEO – Serena Hotels, presented a cheque of PKR 5.6 million that was raised through the event, and said, “Serena Hotels is delighted to be able to support a cause that is pivotally important for us in Pakistan.”

He added, “this is a country of young and talented people and we must provide them with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to excel in life. We are grateful to H.E Dr. Nedim Makarevic – ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina for providing us the opportunity to support in this cause.”

The musically talented sisters, Jasmina Sehanovic and Dzenana Sehanovic entertained the audience with their performance through the Violin and Piano. Later on they also performed fusion with Pakistani musicians.


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