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About Us

Welcome to Global Affairs, a Magazine that is best described as the “the Miracles of media”. Global Affairs is one of the few magazine that is dedicated to the elegant fields. This magazine is the beginning of a long journey, one packed with striking Images, reviews, articles and most importantly news and phenomenal imaginary from around the globe.
Our mission is to make the reading of our pages a refreshing experience by taking advantage of the flexibility of an intelligent viewership and brilliant minds from around the world, so that you can go back to it over and over again.
The magazine is not the usual collection of “pretty” pictures only but an outstanding body of work created by ordinary people with extraordinary talent” artists who have found their voice and passion using their local mediums and have covered the world of diplomacy and its concerned departments on a single platform.
Our team has put in all the efforts of day and night to bring out the supreme collection of information national and international news and affairs on a single platform attached with the fields of Diplomat, Political & Current Affairs and middle in Business Corner, Health and Food, and ending the article with the flavors of Education, Science and Fashion Corners, covering all that is being done in the entire world.
Global Affairs is not a camera magazine, not a place to be bombard with advertisements of all colors and latest DSLR gear, NO! Our art and Our message is not about millions of pixels and expensive mechanism, its about news affairs and up to date information on a single place, our aim is to grab the attention of billions of viewers from around the world because of the simple, elegant and yet up to date piece of information in which we have immersed our self’s. Our quest is to find and showcase your message to the entire world and spread the word to the entire world to get the inspiration of billions of readers that can join us along the way.
Global Affairs is here to stay. It is the logical extension of all the great activity from around the world finding its voice in a new way.

We hope you can lose yourself into our pages and at the same time find and discover a brand new medium of expressing and advertising your brand name, upgrading your company product and show the world how can your company can make a difference into the life’s of millions from around the world by the unique art form of our advertisement pages.
The magazine will be published on monthly base and its circulation will cover 15 different countries providing you with an opportunity to introduce yourself and your organization to millions of other readers from across the board in an affordable manner.

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